West Pecan Coffee And Beer In Pflugerville

On today’s adventure, while waiting for the sun to set in Pflugerville, Texas, in order to take a great sunset photo from Pflugerville Lake, we decided to explore the local scene. Which clearly meant looking for places where one could get their caffeine fix. Thus, I ended here, at West Pecan Coffee And Beer.


To start, the location of the shop is pretty convenient. Right in the heart of Pflugerville on 1st street. To be more accurate, the full address is 100 West Pecan St, Pflugerville, Texas, 78660. However, the first thing that I noticed is the parking lot. Is rather small. After some research, I discovered that this shop is brand new. Not too long ago, this used to be just the abandoned bones of an old gas station. They did a good job of covering that up, for I did not notice it until after I started researching for this review.


First impressions matter. Needless to say, this place is well decorated and has a very welcoming atmosphere. From the second I walked in, the staff welcomed me in, all while still serving other customers. I will say, however, that the atmosphere here isn’t one where I would like to hang out with friends, as much as I would like to conduct business meeting here. This place is well-kept and quite elegant for a coffee shop. The perfect place to talk about real estate or simply have a nice glass of beer after a long day at the office.


The menu is more diverse than I expected, to be honest. The selection of coffee, brews, and alcoholic beverages is significantly larger than I thought it would be. Here you will find some local brews, wine, beer on tap, and of course, coffee! As you may already know, I like my coffee as dark as the backside of the moon. One of the reasons for that is that by drinking my coffee black, I am fully able to taste the full flavor of the beans, in case you were wondering.

But I digress. The coffee I ordered was not anything extraordinary, but at the same time, it wasn’t bad. The beans were roasted well, and the flavor was there. Coffee-wise, I give my brew a passing score.


Overall, I have to say that this place is quite nice. While there are some things that I do not enjoy, such as the small parking, or their hours (6AM to 9PM ((10PM on Weekends, but closed on Sunday))). However, they make that up offering a clean place to meet up, decent food and coffee, a welcoming staff, and a good selection of house music. I also noticed the abundance of wall plugs, which is a nice perk. Another cool perk is the internet here. After my first test, I clocked speeds of up 80mbs. More than enough to tackle any project or presentation you may have for your client, or to simply enjoy. I do not come to Pflugerville often, but from now on, if I do end up here, I will be getting my brews from here.


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