If you follow us on Instagram then you know how often I come to Summermoon Coffee Bar, and there is a good reason for that. And even though I could type a short novel about the experiences, memories, changes, and coffees this shop has to offer, I am going to keep it short and sweet and try to describe this shop for those of you who have never been here.


For starters, the location of this coffee bar great. Not too close to downtown, yet not too far. Located at 3115 S 1st St #1b, Austin, TX 78704, this shop is ideally located just outside of the heart of Austin. However, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Because it this shop is on 1st street, getting here or out of here during rush hour can be quite the task. Not only that, but since this shop also shares a rather small parking lot with a tattoo parlor, and a nail salon, finding parking can be difficult, regardless of the time of day you come. Not only that but on the upper level of the shop, there are also some apartments, which also occupy spaces in the back (even though theirs are reserved under a roof).


The shop itself is just what you would expect, but slightly smaller. Inside Summermoon, the seats can quickly vanish since their area is pretty small. Only a couple of tables and several benches are located inside the venue. Do keep in mind that there is also outdoor sitting, and now that the patio has been remodeled, you will find more comfort and shade. Along with more electrical outlets! Another perk here is their Wi-Fi. With moderate speeds of up to 25mbs, you should be able to work on almost anything you need to. Be aware that the Wi-Fi password changes often. One thing that has not changed since I first started coming here, is the password for the bathrooms. The bathrooms here are located right outside the shop on the hall.


Now, as some of you may already know, I typically drink my coffee as dark as Vantablack. However, Summermoon offers something no other coffee shop has. Their signature milk. How do they make it? Who knows? But I like it. Their moonmilk is not your typically half/half, or milk, or creamer. It has a unique woodfired flavor. It’s like drinking bonfire moke mixed with milk, on your coffee. And while that sounds weird, it tastes great.


Overall, this shop is great. Despite the small parking lot or the fact that only one person can use the bathroom at a time, or that this place it’s hard to get to during rush hour because of its location, the only thing that I would change would be their hours. I fully believe this place would do very well if it were opened 24/7. However, because of the apartments upstairs, I do not think that will happen. To simply put it, this place has a great atmosphere, great coffee, and is a great place to just hang out.


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