Photo Credit: Eddie Rod -Model: Marie's dog, Casie

As the city grows with more expensive buildings and fancy restaurants, it is becoming more difficult to find places where your pets are welcomed. So we have taken the time to explore the city and visit the best three parks and restaurants where pets are welcomed with a phenomenal atmosphere. Not only will your pets thank you, you and your pets may end up making new friends.

Dog Parks

Norwood Estate Dog Park

This park is a personal favorite. Easy to find since it is located right off HWY 35 and East Riverside. Although this park is close to the highway, it is a safe place to take your dogs since it is fenced off. Not only that, but the park is moderate in size, which means that you can let your dog off the leash and let them play with the other pups, but there is a big patch of trees and bamboo in the middle of the park that makes it difficult to keep an eye on your dog if they go behind it. What makes this place special, is that it has a small fenced off area where you can let your smaller dogs and puppies run with other puppies, while the big boys play on the mainland. Since plenty of people visit this park on a daily basis, you and your dog(s) will more than likely make new friends every time you visit.  (Click HERE for GPS Directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod -Model: Marie's dog, Casey

Red Bud Isle

Are you an adventurous person? Then this place is exactly for you. Red Bud Isle is the largest dog park in Austin with well over thirteen acres of land. This place offers trails for you and your dog to walk on, and since it is located right by the Green Belt, you can also take some time to cool off after the hike on the natural spring. Because this park is an open and large area, it is recommended to keep your pup on a leash if they are not well trained to stay with you. However, it is not required to have your dog on a leash. Essentially meaning that you can let them go wild and have fun! Because this place is so large, you will find people who love to adventure and hike. Perhaps you and your pup(s) will meet some traveling buddies along the trails. (Click HERE for GPS directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod

Barking Springs (Barton Springs Pool Area)

If you have not already, then this is a must go to place. Although it technically is an on-leash park, many people still let their dogs loose as long as APD is not around. So be careful because they will give out fines. The community there is friendly, and they look out for one another and someone will always yell “The boys are coming” if APD is spotted. Besides that minor inconvenience, the area is a great place to take your pups. Because it is right off the Barton Springs Pool, which is part of a natural spring, the water will always be the same temperature of 66F year round. Whether you go for a swim in December or July, you will enjoy the water. (Click HERE for GPS directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod

Pet-Friendly Restaurants


Not only is this place pet-friendly, it also offers an amazing outdoor experience. Contigo is an evening restaurant and is decorated for the night with strings of lights that illuminate the area on their large patio where there is plenty of space for people to gather and have a good time. Because of the atmosphere and the serenity in the area, Contigo would be a great place to bring that friend you just met at one of the dog parks and get to know one another more, while the pups do the same. This restaurant brings the definition of “puppy love” to a new modern standard. (Click HERE for GPS directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod

Austin Terrier

Similar to the previous restaurant, Austin Terrier offers you the ability to bring your loved ones (pups) to the restaurant. However, this place is more family oriented with both their atmosphere and menu. It makes for a better place to meet up with friends and have a slice of pizza since they are open throughout the day. Not only will you get the chance to meet plenty of dogs and people, you will also enjoy the friendly staff who is eager to help you have a great dining experience. (Click HERE for GPS directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod

Yard Bar

When it comes to pet-friendly restaurants, the Yard Bar takes the bone. This restaurant is designed for your fur babies to have a good time, while they also assist humans. Fully equipped with a fenced off area to let your pups run and have fun and pup-rangers that will ensure the water bowls always have water, and even clean up after your dog if an accident were to occur. In other words, while you relax and have some snacks or drinks, you can rest assured that your dog is not only having the time of their life, they are also being watched and taken cared for.

This is definitely the place to go if you want the best for your furry friend but are too tired to take them out. (Click HERE for GPS directions)

Photo Credit: Eddie Rod

The city of Austin is big, so chances are we forgot plenty of places. What other parks or restaurants would you include on this list, and why?


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