On today’s adventure, we’re going to venture into a trail in an area that not many ever go to. The trails of Lookout Point are typically always empty and rarely do I see people hiking them. Which is weird, because the area is full of nature, vegetation, wildlife, and great finds! The trails are not all that difficult to hike. It’s mostly flat ground, although to get to some of the exits, you do have to go uphill and climbs steps.


The first thing about these trails is that parking is limited. There are two entrances to these trails. The long way and the scenic way. The long entrance is perfect for those who actually want to hike and exercise. Not only that, but here is where you can park for extended periods of time and not worry about the people in the adjacent neighborhood. While the neighborhood next door is nice and modern, the people there always call cops on cars that park on the street, for some reason. Once, an officer even apologized for showing up and mentioned how he gets annoyed at having to answer for the calls from the residents of that neighborhood.


Which brings me to the second entrance. There is another entrance to the trails, where people typically only go for the view. The second entrance is pretty much located at the end of the trail. So you’d be skipping most of the hikes, and nature. However, you will end at the top of Lookout Point. From there, you will have a clear view of the skyline of downtown. It’s a great place to spend some time with a significant other, or just read a book.


And now to what you were waiting for. How to get to the top of the cliff where I took the photo on my Instagram feed. However, let me begin by stating that the cliff is not an easy climb. I highly suggest you do NOT attempt it if you lack climbing experience. From the photo, it looks simple, but remember that from where the photo was taken, I am far higher than the crown of the trees. With that being said, remember to take precautions and do not attempt the climb alone. Just in case things go bad, someone can quickly assist or call for help if needed.


So, how do we get there? Let’s begin our journey from the scenic entrance since that is the fastest way. From the top of Lookout Point, the trail will begin by taking the steps down into the woods. Once you have reached the very bottom of the trail, you will see a sign that points in two directions.

Head towards the “Dry Creek” trail. Not even 100 yards from that sign, you will find another an open empty area where a creek typically runs after heavy rains. However, for most the year, it will remain dry. Hence the name (duh!). You will know if you are in the right place if you see the sign that says “Stay Off Cliff”. That sign is there for a reason, remember that the climb is not easy. During Spring and Summer, due to the foliage, you will not be able to see the cave from the ground. Which makes this cave all that much more rewarding to find!


You can click here (30.271915, -97.777470) for a drop pin with GPS coordinates to where the cave is. Just remember that the creek is large, and the cliffs are long. Not to mention that with the foliage of the trees, you will not be able to see it from the ground. Hopefully, this gallery will help you on your journey! And if you find it, don’t forget to write your name on the notebook that sits on the bookshelf atop the cliff. And if you want to take a book, don’t forget to a different one for the next adventurer.


  1. What do you mean by “climbing experience” when you refer to the climb to the cave? I’ve never been rock climbing but I do a lot of hiking. I’m just wondering if I’m going to have to physically climb up a cliff face or if it’s a tricky up hill walk “climb” like over rocks and stuff?

    • The climb isn’t difficult, but not something I’d recommend if you haven’t done any type of climbing before. You don’t need harnesses, or ropes, but it would be recommended that you at least know the basics. The terrain can be a little slippery.


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