How To Travel On A Budget

So you want to travel across the U.S. but your financials are tight? Well, then this article is for you! You see, I used to be in your shoes. Wanting to travel but with little money to do so. Reality is that I still look for the best deals whenever I travel anywhere. Because I don’t see the point of spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets when that money could be more beneficial once you arrive at your destination, wherever that may be. But let’s make one thing clear. This article will show you how to save money on your trips. This is not a travel for a free scheme. Bearing that in mind, we should also cover a few more things that will be needed in order to travel.

Travel to the end of the world.
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Travel Off Airline’s Peek Times

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to go somewhere, they look for deals on the days they have free. The problem with that is that most people across the U.S.  tend to have the same days off. Such as holidays and weekends. Therefore air traffic is higher, and prices are higher also. And even though this is common sense, everyone I talk to always wants to travel on weekends or holidays, then complain about the prices. In order to avoid that, you need to start looking for flights on weekdays.

You could be spending a weekend here if you stopped spending money on expensive plane tickets.

Subscribe To Their Newsletters

More than often, airlines will fail to sell seats for some flights. Including flights to big destinations and major hotspots across the U.S. And instead of flying with empty seats, they would rather have flash sales to occupy those seats, because some money is better than no money. For example, I am subscribed to almost all major and smaller airlines. From Delta, Southwest, American Airlines to Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant Airlines. And at least once a day, I will receive a flash-sale promotion to a destination I have not yet been to for as little as $30 each way, but usually never more than $100. Of course, these sales are just to sell seats fast, so prices don’t stay up for more than just a few hours. The good news is that even the sale is quick (mostly because it’s probably just publicity stunt), that doesn’t mean you have to fly right then and there.

So make a new email address dedicated solely for airlines newsletter, and set alerts to notify whenever a flash sale to a destination you want to go to shows up. Just remember that flash sales will be on their time, so don’t expect weekend flights.


Find The Best Deals Online

By now you have probably already heard that you should always look for flights while on incognito mode, and if not, then you should. Because website track your data to determine not only where you want to flight to or where you are, but they also use that data to see where you are and determine what other people around you are willing to pay for the same flight. So prices tend to be slightly higher than usual. Not only that, but you should also familiarize yourself with websites like Hopper, Cheap-O Air, or SkyScanner. They tend to do a great job of searching online from different locations in order to get you the best prices. After all, that’s how they make money. If you buy your ticket through them, they earn a commision. So they’ll do their best to find you a cheap ticket.


Take Spirit Airlines survey!

On my spam email account that I use only for Airlines Newsletters, I also receive surveys from Spirit Airlines. The cool thing is they will tell you approximately how long the survey will take, and how many sky miles you will earn by taking them. Now, that may sound like a lot of work, but it is not. Think about the time you spend on Facebook daily or checking other social media accounts where you will probably take another survey to find out what Full House character you are. All while not being rewarded. At least with Spirit surveys, you will slowly but surely work your way to a free flight! Most short surveys give you between 5 to 15 miles. And Spirit has flights for as little as 400 miles during their off-season. If you take or two of those short surveys per day, you will have a free flight at least once every couple of months. Click HERE to read more about it from their website directly. Just remember, if you’re gonna take dumb surveys, why not get rewarded for them?

Travel inside a Spirits Airlines plane. Howdy. Because who wants to ride it like a bull?

Look at other airports…

I thought it was common knowledge that airports have different prices based on where they are located, but it turns out that a lot of people think that plane tickets are the same all around! For example, I live in Austin, Texas. But more than often, it is cheaper for me to travel to Houston or Dallas to fly out somewhere. And when I say cheap, I mean at least $150 or more in savings. If the savings aren’t higher than $150, I don’t even bother taking the trip. But there are times where the small road trip to a different airport will save you a substantial amount of money! Just as it was the case last May when I went to Michigan. Flights from Austin to Michigan on a two-day notice were about $320 each way from ATX with United. However, after looking around, I found another flight from Dallas for only $90 each way to Detroit with the same airline! The money I saved by simply flying out of Dallas paid for the gas to get there, the fee to park my car at a hotel, a car rental when I got to Detroit for 2 days, and gas to drive back to Austin from Dallas. So keep that in mind next time you’re about to buy your ticket. Would you be able to get more out of your money if you flew out from a different city? More than often, the answer is yes.


Give Up Your Seat….

Now, why in the name of Uranus would you do that? Because you will be compensated. You see, airlines are greedy bastards that will sell more seats than they can supply because they count on the fact that some people will simply miss the flight for one reason or another. However, once in a while that does not happen, and they will have more people ready to board than what they can accommodate. So what do they do? They offer perks to other passengers if they give up their seat. However, before you give up your seat, feel free to ask what you will get in return. Ever since I received my first reward for giving up a seat, I now fly to my destinations a day before I’m required to be there. Just in case there is the chance where I can give up my seat. You see, not only will your flight be free, they will more than often give you enough sky miles to book a second flight for free. And if the next plane doesn’t leave until the following day, you will also be given a free night at a hotel of their choice. You add up the value of your comped flight, the air miles for your next flight, and the hotel (if needed), that’s a value of almost $800+! And I don’t know about you, but $800 worth of air travel is most definitely worth my time. And if you somehow make more than $800 dollars a day, then this blog is not for you. More than often, though. You won’t even have to wait that long for the next flight. It’s typically less than two or three hours. Which means that you essentially made $800+ in 3 hours… A buddy of mine kept flying for free for nearly 4 months in a row (once every 3 weeks) because he kept giving away his seat!

You are free to do as you wish, but remember the benefits of letting someone else have your seat.



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