Relaxing On A Pineapple Float During Summer In Higgins Lake

Higgins Lake, In Roscommon County, Michigan

I have traveled to plenty of lakes across the United States. From Lake Tahoe, Lake Superior, Lake Travis, Jordan Lake, and the list goes on. And while each one of those lakes I have visited before offers their unique sense of beauty, this lake is on a whole different level. For example, back in 2016, I went to Lake Tahoe. Which physically resembled this lake. Waters as clear as glass and fish swimming along the shore. But even though it was the middle of July when I went to Lake Tahoe, the temperature of that lake was unbearably cold. No way I’d be able to swim in there without getting hypothermia. And then, on the other hand, we have Lake Travis in Texas. Because of how deep it is, it never really gets too hot. Even in the middle of Summer. However, the water has a murky brown look to it due to the amount of vegetation that lies on that floor of the lake. But that’s what makes Lake Higgins different.

Lake Tahoe (2016)
Photo of Lake Tahoe in 2016.

Lake Higgins has a clear white sand shore. Which means that when the water isn’t disturbed, you get to see a clear blue water splendor. But what really blew my mind was the cliff from the lake. From the shore to the cliff, similar to an ocean coral reef, you can pretty much walk about 150 yards into the lake while the water sits at just waist level. But then, out of seemingly nowhere, the shore ends to steep declined that goes as deep as 100ft. Almost as if a gigantic sink-hole just appeared out of nowhere, and then it filled up with water. Now, the temperature on the deeper side of the water can get slightly colder, but on the shore, because of how shallow it is, and because of how still the water is, the water stays at nice warm temperature during the Summer months. It really is something outside of this world that I can’t begin to describe with words.

Image Is From Google Earth Of Lake Higgins

If you ever happen to be in Michigan and have a few hours to kill, take the road trip to the lake. It will be worth it. But this is where the story gets slightly better. From what I was told, there is another lake a little ways away called Torch Lake. Which is pretty much similar as far as beauty and formation, except that it is nearly 5 times larger!

Relaxing On A Pineapple Float During Summer In Higgins Lake


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