Learn how to essentially get free coffee from your favorite coffee shops by using the free CashApp app. Because as you may already know, most coffee shops in Austin offer some sort of reward program where if you buy five or ten drinks, then you receive the next one for free. Such is the case for places like Summermoon Cafe Bar, and of course, Starbucks.

However, a friend of mine told me about the CashApp Card. Most people in Austin use either CashApp or Venmo to send money to each other, but the CashApp actually offers one great perk that many people seem to take for granted. The Coffee Perks.

  • How it works, it is very simple, actually. Simply go to the top of the screen where it shows your balance. 
  • Then it is going to ask you if you’d like to sign up for their CAshApp Card. Do it. For one, it’s FREE, and it looks pretty cool. It’s a flat black, and you get to design the signature manually with almost anything you’d like (keep it civil, kids).
  • Once you’re signed up, your new physical card should arrive in less than a week. Upon activation, simply go back to the screen where it shows your balance, then select “Boost”

You will notice that there are several that offer discounts, such as Taco Bell purchases, Whole Foods, and a couple more.

However, out of the few perks they offer, my favorite, and legit the only reason I even got the card, was for the coffee boost. Because regardless of what you buy, at any coffee shop, as long as the purchase is more than $1.50, you will get back $1. 

Which in retrospect, is better than the Starbucks card or any other perk some coffee shops offer. For example, at Summermoon, I would have to buy 10 drinks, at $3 each before getting the “free” one. With the money I’m saving with this CashCapp Card, I get that “free” drink on my 3rd, 6th, 9th, and again on my 10th.

I have been using my CashApp card for several months now, and the way it works, you simply use the card like you would use any debit or credit card. Swipe or Insert (they have chips), and pay for your items. That simple. But the main benefit here is that with the coffee shop boost, you’ll end up saving money in the long term. I love drinking coffee, and I live right next to Starbucks. Sometimes when I forget to make coffee in the mornings, I simply walk next door to grab a cup, which honestly, gets expensive with time. Imagine going there daily?! With this card, you’d be saving at least $30 monthly!


DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement. I am legit sharing this information because I think it is very useful, and will help many of you that drink coffee regularly. I did, however, link this text here with a referral link to download the app. By doing so, we both (you and me) get $5. Please support me by either downloading the app or simply sharing this post with friends and family. Thanks!



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