How To Get 1000 Followers Under YouTube’s New Rules in 2018


What Are The New Rules?

Starting February 20th, YouTubers and content creators with less than 1000 followers AND less than 4000 hours of watched content will no longer be allowed to monetize their channels. Thus affecting thousands of creators around the world. In other words, your videos need to be watched for a total of 4000 hours in a span of 12 months in order to qualify for monetization, all while having more than 1000 subscribers.

Who Will Be Affected?

Based on the new requirements, it seems that quite the larger part of YouTube will be affected only when it comes to monetizing your videos. YouTube claims that their algorithms will not prioritize a video to people based on monetization. Which still gives the chance for smaller YouTubers to create content that can reach the top of the search list. But that still does not change the fact that now there will be channels that will lose revenue. I’m one of those content creators being affected, for example. I have a total of 6 different channels, each one will less than 1000 subscribers. However, collectively¬†they bring an average of 10,000 to 15,000 views per month. Which isn’t much, but still created a payout every couple of months. Which means that some channels with one hit singles will also lose their revenue if they don’t have at least 1000 subscribers.

Why Are These Rules Being Implemented?

While YouTube denies these rules were implemented because of the controversy with Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber who posted a video of a man in Japan who had committed suicide, mostly since YouTube had been working on them for a while. They just were not sure when to roll them out.

What’s Next?

Well, these rules were implemented to deter people from abusing the system. Which means that now you’ll have two groups of people. Those who will be discouraged, and those that are encouraged to make it. At first, when the rules were implemented, I was slightly discouraged, but now I’m motivated to reach the goal. After all, it isn’t all that difficult.

How To Get Followers?

Let me begin by stating that you should never buy followers. The road to 1000 followers will not be easy, but it will be worth it. While I don’t have 1000 followers on Youtube, I do have that amount on Instagram. On the video above, I listed five simple tips to reach your goal. Overall, just remember that you need to have fun, and stick to your guns.




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