Exploring Colorado Bend State Park in Texas


Colorado Bend State Park

Last week, my friend Sammy Davies and me took a short trip to Colorado Bend State Park for a quick photo shoot. To say the least, this place surprised us more than we had anticipated. The journey from Austin to the park is roughly 2 hours (110 miles downtown). While most of the ride there was blend due to the fact we traveled through the plains and flats of Texas. It’s not until you’re getting close to the park that things start changing and the road turns from flats to hills.


The Park

The park is larger than we thought. While we reserved 8 hours of the day to explore the whole thing, we ended up only being to hike half of the main trail. Making our way to Gorman Falls, and the Colorado River. We managed to go on a few more trails but never reached the end of them. We also didn’t know how long the trails were since we had no cell phone service (AT&T and T-mobile). We lost signal roughly 20 minutes before getting to the park. So keep that in mind if you decide to travel there. Calling for help, if needed, would be difficult.

One of the things that caught my attention the most was the diversity of biodomes and geography. As we got closer the falls, you can notice the vegetation change. Not only that but the animals there are not scared of human presence¬†for the most part. At the park, we spotted roughly 10 deer, 2 armadillos, and countless of different birds! Not to mention signs of other animals that also inhabit the park. Along the trail, we found the remains of what appeared to be a goat. However, due to my lack of forensic science and knowledge, I wasn’t able to determine how the animal died, but based on the number of vultures¬†flying around, I was able to deduce how it ended as just bones.

Photo taken by Eddie Rod (Deer Staring into our souls as we walked by)

The Falls

One of the main attraction of the park is Gorman Waterfall. The water from the falls flows through Gorman creek, which is feed by Gorman Springs. The fall did not have nearly as much water flowing during our trip, but also keep in mind that it was in early February. The waterfall is roughly 70ft tall. Which makes for an incredible view, and very relaxing sounds.


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