The great city of Austin. Well known around the world for its barbecue, natural spots, music festivals and venue, digital firms, growing markets, and many more wonderful things. Austin is a city that thrives in chaos and entropy. Always ready for whatever gets thrown its way. From big increases in traffic due to those festivals (SXSW or ACL) or the closures of lanes along highway 35 (which sucks, but we can handle it). Despite everything, this city somehow manages to endure everything…. Except for rain!


How come the city comes to nearly a complete stop in all aspects of life whenever it rains? For some odd reason, it’s like every single driver forgets the basic rules of the roads. Almost as if they went online to look at how things are done, only to do the exact opposite!

“Left on red? Why not. It’s raining” – Everyone else but you

-“keep distance between me and the car in front of me? I think not since it’s raining” – Everyone else but you

-“Drive 10 to 20 over the limit on wet roads? GREAT IDEA”! – Everyone else but you

These are just some of things that I witness every time it rains, which raises the question; how come?

Do good drivers understand the risks of inclimate weather and choose to stay home, leaving only those ignorant of the rules of driving out there? So it seems, to me at least.


What is your theory? Leave a comment and let me know what could possibly create such commotion on the streets. Also, don’t forget to share to friends and family to see what their theory is.


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