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Exploring Colorado Bend State Park in Texas

Colorado Bend State Park Last week, my friend Sammy Davies and me took a short trip to Colorado Bend State Park for a quick photo shoot. To say the least, this place surprised us more...

Scary House In Austin Texas

Austin, Texas Yesterday, on December 1st, Cassidy and I went exploring to an abandoned house that she found. While I can't really remember the location, I know that it was difficult to get to the...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake)

When in Austin, you will at one point or another arrive at this destination, Lady Bird Lake. But how much about the lake do you actually know? Would you like to know more? Well,...

Everything You Should Know About The Bats In Austin

Where Are The Bats? Depending on what time of the year you come to visit Austin, you may find one of the largest natural attractions that Austin has to offer. The South Congress Bridge Bats. Every...

It’s Not About The Camera, But The Photographer!

One of the questions that I get asked often is what camera I use to make videos or for my photography. The funny thing is that I use what I have on me. If I'm...

Are You A Good Photographer Or A Pro?

Hey, guys! Long story short, I just want to go over one the obstacles I encounter in my early stages of my career. More than often, people would overlook my work because I was not a...
ATX Logo With A Plane on the "X"video

Book Us To Grow Your Business With Social Media – ATX Expert

Social Media Content For Your Business Allow us to create the social media content needed to help you grow your business. From product photography to small online marketing videos, here in Austin, Texas! Experience Not only do...

Riverplace Nature Trail in Austin

The Riverplace Nature Trails in Austin, Texas are located in the outskirts of the city limits. The trails are about 2.5 miles in one direction, and the steps along the trail make it perfect...
Mount Bonell in Austin, Texas

Most Beautiful Views In Austin!

The city of Austin is a magical place. From the marvelous adventures you can experience around Rainey Street, to the long trek down the trails on the Green Belt. All of these are what makes...

10 Fun Facts About Texas – ATX Expert

Fun Facts About Texas Texas is known for hundredths of things. From being the place where Dazed and Confused was filmed to the birth place of Matthew McConaughey among other things. But to make things more simple, here is...