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Inspiration Guides

Inspiration Guides

Can't seem to find the inspiration to step outside and take photos? Tired of wondering if things will change? Here is a list of guides, based and written from personal experience that ought to help you out get out of that rut.

No Facebook – Are You Addicted To the Internet?

No Thanks, Facebook No Facebook On December 31st of 2017, I proposed as a New Year’s resolution to stay off Facebook for a...

I’m a loser

I am a loser Ever since I can remember, I have always tried to open a successful business. From shoe shining at the early age of 8 years old, then at the age of 11,...

How To Motivate Yourself To Create Content

 Let me guess, you’ve been trying to create more content for your blog, social media page, or just for yourself, but somehow you can’t seem to do it. It’s not that you lack the...