54.5 F
Austin, Texas
Thursday, February 21, 2019


Here's a list of all of the parks we have personally attended in ATX and nearby.


Exploring Colorado Bend State Park in Texas

Colorado Bend State Park Last week, my friend Sammy Davies and me took a short trip to Colorado Bend State Park for a quick photo shoot. To say the least, this place surprised us more...

Mountain Breeze Camp in New Braunfels

On our latest adventure, we ventured a couple of hours outside of Austin into New Braunfels. New Braunfels is known for many attractions, but mostly the Guadalupe River. The Guadalupe River is a well-known...

Scenic View In Capital Of Texas Highway

In Austin, there is a small scenic view on Capital Of Texas Highway (Highway 360) that often goes overlooked by many. Maybe people get lost in thought during the madness of slow moving traffic....

Lookout Point Cliffs in Austin, Texas.

On today’s adventure, we’re going to venture into a trail in an area that not many ever go to. The trails of Lookout Point are typically always empty and rarely do I see people hiking...