Butterfly Bar @ The Vortex On Manor Rd Review

I came here to watch a friend of mine perform (Welsh Avenue) and I have to say, I am rather impressed with the place! Very spacious and rather affordable. I was able to order 6 drinks and some beers (for me and friends. I’m not an alcoholic) and spent less than $40! That alone prompted me to write a review! Not only that, but they also have a food truck with what smelled like heaven!

Welsh Avenue Performing At Butterfly Bar
Welsh Avenue Performing At The Butterfly Bar @ The Vortex on Manor Rd

As you may have noticed, I don’t typically eat at any of the places I go to. But I like to write about the experience and the drinks cause that’s all I do when I go out. And now that I say that out loud, I think I may be an alcoholic… No, but seriously. The Butterfly Bar is a nice place to hang out. And from what I noticed, they seem to have live performances from local artists often. Perhaps not a place to take a date since the music will get in the way, but definitely a place to go if you wanna hear music.

Vortex Food Truck
Food Truck At The Butterfly Bar @ The Vortex on Manor Rd


I noticed there several places in the area where one could hang out. From inside the building where it is quieter, or outside on the patio. Another thing I noticed, was the lack of parking spots. You may have to park on the streets and walk a little to get to the place since the on-site parking is rather small. Other than that, I really enjoyed the place. Not super crowded, but not empty. I will have to go back on a different day to get a full experience, but for being a Friday night, I thought it was great.

Patio At The Vortex
Patio At The Butterfly Bar @ The Vortex On Manor Rd

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