On today’s adventure, we have landed at Bennu Coffee, located at 2001 East MLK, Austin, Texas. Bennu Coffee has two locations, and both are nice, in my personal opinion. The location on MLK has been open since 2009. But I’m not here to give you a history of the place (which is cool and sweet! Read it here on their own website).


I will say, that I like this coffee shop during the day more than at night, but that’s because this place is quite the popular place among college students. And since it is open 24/7, it makes for a great place to relax and work on your last minute essay or past due homework. Not to mention that this place is packed with all sorts of furniture and comfy chairs. This coffee shop has one of the largest indoor spaces among some of my favorite shops. Not to mention that the parking lot is also rather large, and yet, I can never find a place to park at night. Which is why I like being here in the morning.

Despite being always populated, this shop has good internet speed connections, and that’s always a plus. I mean, it’s not Google Fiber fast, but fast enough to use it for YouTube and such. Which you should not be watching since you’re probably here to do homework, am I right? But I digress…

Lastly, my favorite thing about Bennu Coffe is their coffee price. As you may already know, I drink my coffee as dark and strong as the center of a black hole. And here, not only will you find several blends of coffee, from light-roasted to dark, and other brews in between. Not only that but also, they are only $2! Which makes this place the perfect place to get caffeine in your veins without breaking the bank. They also have a rather diverse selection of other drinks, snacks, and pastries.

Overall, this place is simply great. There are plenty of things that I could say about why this shop is great. From the fact that they are local, they practice fair trade, support the LGBT community, and many other things. Feel free to read about the contributions Bennu Coffee has given to the Austin area on their website. All things considered, the only thing I do not like is how busy they are at night. Which is a good problem to have.



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