Photo credit: Eddie Rod

Hey, guys!

Eddie here, content creator and director of photography for several film companies across the U.S.
I’ve been working for other people making videos and editing videos for the past 7 years, and I have decided to start doing things on my own. That’s why I need to create an original portfolio. I want to work with local bands in the Austin area.

That’s why I’m offering a deal for professional videography for music videos that you will not find anywhere else. I need at least 10 solid videos and concepts. So send me an email at if you would like to discuss more details.

But before you message me, know that I’m not offering free work. I’m offering a deal that will be based solely on what needs to be done. I already own most of the gear needed for almost any project. From cameras, lights, editing software, etc. Which reduces my overhead expense.

with that in mind, visit to look at some of other works and portfolio!


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